Why Choose the Yakima Valley?

When you choose Yakima County, you choose success. You choose shovel-ready sites, inexpensive utilities and a world class transportation infrastructure that ensures productivity and rapid response to market demands.


A strong workforce and welcoming communities.

You choose responsive technical schools and colleges and a well-trained, prepared workforce. You choose public and private leadership that encourages growth; people and organizations ready to help get your company up and running as inexpensively and quickly as possible.

quotes_leftquotes_rightThere’s tremendous untapped potential in Yakima; there’s also tremendous room for expansion – you’re not constrained with respect to land.

Robert Wallace, CEO, Wallace Properties

An ideal location with diverse industries.

You choose the heart of Washington State; a burgeoning mecca for both recreation and industry with over 300 days of sunshine every year. Yakima County is #1 for agricultural production in the Northwest and home to a network of thriving communities supported by industry clusters as diverse and productive as its towns and peoples. Our top business clusters include agribusiness and food processing, logistics and distribution, manufacturing, aerospace, and healthcare.

Who we are.

Best of all, when you choose Yakima County you choose savvy, friendly communities and people as vested in your business and your success as you are. The primary objectives of Choose Yakima include supporting and growing local business, attracting and facilitating the expansion of new industry to our region, and developing and retaining a well-trained, prepared workforce.

August 9, 2018
Taxable Retail Sales Reach All Time High

Over $3.8 billion in taxable retail sales occurred in Yakima County during 2017 – an all-time high for the County. (See historical retail sales trends in Yakima County here). Taxable retail sales represent one of the most important measures of the size and changes in a local economy. This measure often serves as a key…

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August 8, 2018
Learn How to do More With Less – Lean Manufacturing Returns to Show You How

Would you like to… •Reduce manufacturing time by 50%? •Reduce work-in-process inventory by 50%? •Improve on-time shipments by 90%? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this workshop is for you! Classes are also available in Spanish (click on the link below for more information) Principles of Lean Manufacturing with Live Simulation (Lean…

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