Key Industries

Yakima County’s assets are particularly well suited for key industries like food processing, warehouse/distribution, industrial machinery and supplies, aerospace, backoffice and health-care industries.

Yakima County is ideally situated for businesses distributing products to regional, national, or Pacific Rim markets. Our Valley’s strategic location helps companies get key shipments to customers within target delivery windows. Yakima’s logistical advantages are complemented by attractive operating costs, affordable real estate options, and a high energy labor force.

  • Yakima County’s central location allows companies to complete two truck shifts per day and service major Pacific Northwest markets.
  • Yakima County is two to three hours from Seattle, Portland, and Spokane (serving a population of nearly 10 million).
  • The region’s Interstate freeway accessibility along with freight, rail, and air service options provide businesses multimodal flexibility to access key customers or suppliers.

Fruit juice, canned asparagus, potato chips, wine, and dairy products. Our cornucopia of agricultural products combined with well-developed supplier networks, an energetic labor force, and pro-business communities create an ideal climate for agriculture and food processing operations.

  • Yakima County’s access to high quality farm products make it an excellent location for food processing operations. The region grows 39 commodities and has the largest concentration of farm animals in the Pacific Northwest United States (Yakima County the 12th largest agricultural producing county in the nation).
  • The region’s extensive supplier network (trucking, metal fabrication, packaging, etc.) can capably support new or expanding food processing companies.
  • Intermodal transportation options and access to foreign markets through the Ports of Seattle and Tacoma provide farmers and food processors cost effective logistics.

Bread tie machines, Yakima racks, fruit sizing equipment, and food packaging technology: these are just some of the innovations born in Yakima County. Local machinery manufacturers are complemented by key industrial supply manufacturers that serve customers around the world. Low cost electric power, nationally recognized technical training schools, and the region’s superior logistical location help this sector thrive.

  • Yakima County’s primary operating cost factors (labor, electricity, real estate, etc.) are far below the national average, and nearly 20 percent lower than that of larger regions like Seattle.
  • The region enjoys a strong multi-modal transportation network, including abundant sites with highway frontage or proximity, many served by rail. Paired with the Yakima Valley’s proximity of Portland and Seattle and their higher value-added industrial manufacturers, this represents a significant advantage for industrial machinery and supply companies
  • The city of Yakima (and surrounding municipalities) enjoy some of the lowest local tax rates in Washington state. These low rates are enhanced by tax incentives that can further reduce a machinery or supply manufacturer’s sales taxes or business and occupation taxes.

Costco, Med Assets, and the Wilkinson Corporation are all taking advantage of the Yakima region’s favorable environment for backoffice operations. The region’s skilled labor force and local training institutions provide the critical talent this industry needs to thrive. Along with great talent pool, Yakima County’s attractive real estate options, beefy telecommunications infrastructure, and relatively low operating costs make it a smart choice for expanding backoffice companies.

  • The region enjoys a high quality available workforce – over 80,000 workers live within 15 minutes of Yakima. The metro area is a relatively untapped community for backoffice employers. Current call center employment represents 0.15% of labor force.
  • Well developed cadre of workers and managers as a result of previous call center operations (ex. Whirlpool).
  • Excellent telecommunications infrastructure – digital switches, fiber-based service, long distance POP’s

Yakima County is one of Washington state’s premier centers for health care services. Local facilities serve a seven county area with a population of over 500,000. Technologically advanced equipment and first-class physicians in the Valley’s five hospitals and specialty clinics provide a full range of treatment including cardiac care and open heart surgery, neurological procedures, specialized cancer therapy, and dialysis treatment. A higher-than-average percentage of board-certified physicians represent virtually every medical specialty.

Yakima County’s health care sector is moving in exciting new directions. Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences (PNWU) opened in 2008. Its College of Osteopathic Medicine trains 130 doctors each year and the college is now establishing a new degree program in Pharmacy in cooperation with Washington State University.

The region enjoys five hospitals and numerous general practice and specialized health care clinics. Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital and Yakima Regional Medical and Cardiac Center are located in the City of Yakima. Yakima Regional also operates a fully-equipped hospital in Toppenish. Sunnyside Community Hospital, a 35-bed critical access facility, serves communities in the eastern portion of the County. Prosser Hospital is proximate for residents living in Grandview and Sunnyside areas.

Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital
Memorial Hospital has 225 beds and provides comprehensive medical and surgical care. Memorial is the region’s family birthplace equipped with a state-of-the-art neonatal intensive unit. The hospital is also home to the following Centers of Excellence: Cancer Care, Heart Care, Children’s Services, Family Birthplace, Hospice and Home Care, Orthopaedics, Mental Health, Sleep Center at Memorial, Women’s Services, Wound Care and Work Injury, to name but a few. Memorial has earned numerous awards and is the creator of Children’s Village, a nationally recognized facility for children with special needs.

Yakima Regional Medical and Cardiac Center
Yakima Regional is a 214 bed facility located in Yakima. It provides a full complement of medical services, including the Valley’s only open-heart surgery and elective angioplasty, state-of-the-art neurosurgery and some of the most advanced imaging technology in the state. Yakima Regional enjoys a Thomson-Reuters Top 100 Cardiac Hospital rating, is one of two Accredited Chest Pain Centers with PCI in the state of Washington, and Central Washington’s only CARF-accredited inpatient rehabilitation unit. Yakima Regional has a level III trauma designation and the region’s only 15-minute emergency room guarantee. With over 700 dedicated professionals on staff, Yakima Regional is proud to be celebrating over 118 years of service to the Yakima Valley.

Toppenish Community Hospital

Toppenish Community Hospital provides an array of services including emergency, imaging, and specialized life transition support. The 16 bed hospital also manages several family clinics where general or specialized health care is available.

Sunnyside Hospital
Sunnyside Community Hospital is a critical access hospital located in Sunnyside, Washington in Central Washington State. The hospital has a 24 hour emergency room, four bed Intensive Care Unit, Medical Surgical Floor, Family Birth Center, Operating Rooms, Laboratory and Diagnostic Imaging (X-Ray, CT Scan, Mobile MRI, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, Bone Density Scan). Other services include Respiratory Therapy, Pharmacy and Registered Dietician. The hospital also manages six clinics that provide general and specialized health care services.

Children’s Village
Children’s Village serves children with special health care or developmental needs and their families. The facility is family-centered and aims to meet the needs of each individual family. Over 20 programs and services are provided to Central Washington children in a place the has become a model for other communities to emulate. Children’s Village Trustee Partners include non-profit agencies committed to the purpose of collaboratively meeting the unmet needs of children with special needs and their families

The Veterans Administration’s clinic in Yakima and it’s parent hospital, the Jonathan M. Wainwright Memorial Medical Center, in Walla Walla (a little over two hour’s drive southeast of Yakima) provides primary care, inpatient medical and psychiatric care. The Yakima clinic has 14 acute beds, a 30-bed nursing home care unit, a 16-bed Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Residential Program and a 6-bed Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program.

In addition to the region’s hospitals, the Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic offers a full complement of medical, dental and social services at several locations throughout the region. Yakima is also home to the Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences which operates an osteopathic medical university. The College trains and places 75 doctors each year with a focus on serving rural areas within Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Alaska.

The Yakima Valley has over 400 practicing M.D’s and D.O’s. There are also numerous optometrists, naturopaths, chiropractors, dentists, and other specialty care practitioners. Whatever your medical needs are, we’re confident you’ll find the depth and variety of health care you need within the region. Look in the Yakima County yellow pages for health care providers.

In addition to traditional allopathic, osteopathic, and other healthcare specialties, Yakima has a variety of natural healing and therapeutic remedies in terms of massage and other spa services. A number of local massage therapists work alongside healthcare providers to ensure healing is complemented by these services.

The Yakima Valley hosts a variety of companies that support Washington State’s aerospace industry. Whether they make flight landing gear, aircraft interiors, or light sport airplanes, the region’s aviation companies enjoy relatively low operating costs, special state incentives, and a cadre of highly skilled workers. With affordable real estate options and sites available at the Yakima airport, our region offers expanding aerospace companies the room to grow and the resources they need to succeed.

  • Yakima is proximate to Seattle and one of the world’s largest aerospace production clusters. Aerospace companies located in our metro area can provide just in time support to Boeing and a host of key aerospace suppliers.
  • The Yakima Valley’s lower land, electricity, labor and tax costs can help aerospace companies maintain margins. Companies can typically save 10-20 percent on operating costs in Yakima compared to Seattle and other larger cities.
  • A variety of tax incentives can help expanding aerospace firms reduce operating costs and train key employees.