Group tours Arvato for April Roundtable

Arvato hosted the business Roundtable this April, and attendees enjoyed a private tour and presentation by Brooke Coleman, HRM at Arvato Yakima.

Arvato is a global outsourcing provider owned by Bertelsmann, the most international media company in the world. With over 72,000 employees, Arvato is the largest company owned by Bertelsmann; conducting business in 40 countries across 45 industries worldwide. Arvato Customer Relationship Management Solution Group contains 10 contact centers in North America and the Philippines. Locally at the Yakima Contact Center, Arvato Digital Services provides quality customer service to customers whom do business with the Financial Institution in which the company supports across 4 sites. Arvato employees enjoy a generous benefits package that includes education assistance and career development. The Arvato Care Program was launched in 2016 to have the company’s sites partner with charities and participate in local events to support the communities in which Arvato does business. If you would like more information, please contact


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