YCDA Launches Choose Yakima Valley Investment Campaign

Yakima County Development Association officially launched our Choose Yakima Valley 2019-2023 Investment Campaign on Tuesday, July 17, 2018. The new 5-year campaign aims to raise over $3 million for local business development, which is anticipated to bring 2,500 jobs to the area and nearly $93 Million in new earnings and payroll annually. Click here to view our Investment Campaign Brochure.

The YCDA was created as a public/private partnership for all of Yakima County, to improve the economy and livability of the community by helping existing businesses in expansion, attracting new business and industry, thereby creating better opportunities and jobs. The economic impact of YCDA has been significant, facilitating $490 million in investments in Yakima County businesses and creating 5,500 new jobs. Click here for more information about our campaign.


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