The most sought after job-skills in the Yakima Valley

At the bottom of almost every job posting you will find a list of skills that the business wants its employees to have. These skills vary from job to job but generally include things like; ability to work in a team, experience with Microsoft Office, communication skills, to ability to lift 50 pounds. Basically, any trait, characteristic, quality, or skill that is important to the business will be found here.

We reviewed over 17,000 unique job postings from 3,000 plus employers in Yakima County and ranked the top ten skills. Spanish bilingual is the most sought after trait with 3,385 jobs including this in their posting. That’s more than 19% of all the jobs that were advertised!
Coming in a close second was the ability to use Microsoft Office with 3,330 job posting listing this skill. In third was the ever famous “ability to lift” skill that was included in 2,524 job postings.

The top ten in order are listed below:

1. Spanish Bilingual
2. Microsoft Office
3. Ability to Lift
4. Retail Sales/Cashiering
5. Mathematics
6. Teaching/Training
7. Personal Computers/Keyboarding
8. Presentation Skills
9. Medical Terminology
10. Forklifts

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