Group Tours New $35 M Cold Storage Facility In Port of Grandview

At 45 feet tall, Henningsen Cold Storages new $35 million warehouse in Grandview is easily visible from I-82. The 4.4 million cubic foot facility is located just off of the Stover Road exit with easy freeway access to move product in and out.

A group of thirty-six business and community leaders toured the facility as part of Yakima County Development Associations (YCDA) Business Roundtable series. Chad Freeman, Director of Corporate Development for Henningsen, explained how and why they chose Grandview as the location for this state-of-the-art cold storage facility.

Freeman described the site selection process saying that YCDA helped them identify all potential sites in the lower valley. Grandview stood out as a community that wants to build jobs, can meet tight deadlines, supports agriculture, and is ideally located in the middle of Henningsen’s client base.

Accessibility to both markets and customers was what attracted the company to the lower Yakima Valley. Affordable reliable electricity, a healthy workforce, a cooperative City, and the Port of Grandview’s shovel ready site was what made Grandview the location of choice for this project. The City and Port demonstrated a “can-do” attitude by the quick turnaround time for permitting and construction. The facility was completed in less than 250 days.

To ensure the community could deliver on the quick business-friendly service it is known for, the Port of Grandview worked with Austin Group, a site selection company based in Cleveland to certify the site met all the criteria and had all the infrastructure to support industrial development. The site certification was done several years before the Henningsen project became a reality, but it set the stage for the City and Port to work side-by-side to issue permits and complete all the regulatory processes in an efficient and timely manner.

Henningsen’s facility is the first of its kind in the United States. Instead of using the traditional Ammonia based cooling systems typical of cold storage facilities, Henningsen constructed an innovative compressed CO2 refrigeration system for cooling. This is the first time any cold storage warehouse in the United States has utilized this new technology for its full cooling needs. The CO2 system is much safer than Ammonia and uses 60% less energy. Engineers and plant managers from other companies across the nation travel to Grandview to learn how they can incorporate this more environmentally friendly cooling method in their cold storge operations

With a footprint of only 116,000 square feet on a site with a total of 1.1 million square feet, Henningsen has plans to grow. At full build-out, the site will have to 350,000 square feet of storage space, over 10 million cubic feet of storage, and close to 100,000 pallet positions.

Yakima County Development Association is proud to have partnered with the City and Port of Grandview and Henningsen Cold Storage to bring this new facility to the Yakima Valley.