Effective Communications, Conflict Management, and Effective Customer Service

October 24 – Effective Communications in the Workplace

This  real world training will prepare you with strategies to communicate effectively in any situation at work. Using practical, hands-on activities you will learn techniques that help you be aware of your communication style, manage situations, find common ground and master image management. Cost is $150. Click here to register.

November 14 – Conflict Management in the Workplace

This skills training will prepare you to effectively work with styles that differ from your own and resolve conflicts. Using practical, hands-on activities you will learn techniques to effectively manage conflict, handle negotiations and stay calm under pressure with your peers, staff and supervisors. Cost is $150. Click here to register.

December 5 – Effective Customer Service

This skills training will prepare you to serve both internal and external customers effectively. Using practical, hands on activities and role play you will create a customer service strategy using yours and the organizations values as a guide. Critical skills like image management, customer advocacy, and response management will be covered. Cost is $150 per person. Click here to register.

All three courses are presented by Sarah Augustine, Executive Director of the Dispute Resolution Center of Yakima and Kittitas Counties. Sarah brings her expertise as a regional and international mediator to her training practice, where she trains a wide variety of clients in multiple types of mediation, conflict management, restorative practices, communication for community leaders, strategic negotiation and more.

In addition to her work with the DRC, Sarah has worked as an organizational consultant in conflict transformation, mediation, and strategic planning since 2006.


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