Yakima County Small Business CARES Grant

Grant FAQs on the process and timeline


How many awards will be available?

It is anticipated that 2,000 or more applications will be received for this grant program. There are enough funds for approximately 280 to 320 grant awards.


When did this application open and how did you notify businesses?

The application cycle for this grant program opened on Monday, June 29, 2020.  A letter announcing the grant program was mailed to every business address in the County. The letter was in both English and Spanish to ensure all business owners know how to apply.


When does the application close?

To have an application considered in the first round of ranking and awards, it must be submitted by 5:00 PM on  Monday, July 13, 2020.


How will the money be disbursed?

There are $2.8 million in funds for this program. Each city will receive a proportionate share of funding for businesses located in those cities. Under this methodology, every community, no matter how small, will receive at least 1% of the total awards. This methodology also ranks businesses with other businesses in their own community, as opposed to businesses located in other parts of the County. For example, a business in the City of Mabton will be ranked only with other businesses in the City of Mabton.

After the first round closes on Monday, July 13, 2020, all the businesses will be ranked on the information provided in the application. The highest-ranked business in each city will be funded first, then the second-highest business in each city, and so on, until each city has reached its share of total funding. Awarded businesses will receive notification by Friday, July 17. An agreement outlining the terms of funding will be sent to the businesses receiving the grant. The agreement must be signed prior to funds being delivered. Funds will be delivered as quickly as possible to the awarded businesses. If there are remaining funds after the first round, a second-round will close on Monday, July 21, 2020.

In the event that an awarded business is not able to meet the terms of the signed agreement, is determined to not meet the eligibility criteria, or is not able to provide the required documentation, the next highest-ranked business from the same city will receive the grant instead.


Will there be more funds available later?

If more money becomes available after the $2.8 million has been granted, the additional dollars will be used to fund the highest-ranked businesses that were not selected in rounds 1 or 2.