Yakima County Development Association works closely with both existing and new companies to ensure firms are best able to take full advantage of tax incentives and other similar programs that can save businesses time or money. Companies expanding in Yakima County can tap into a variety of tax, financing, and employee training incentives:

Your Guide to Incentives

Manufacturing Sales & Use Tax Incentive: Sales tax or use tax (7.9%) does not apply to: Sales to a manufacturer or processor for hire of machinery and equipment used directly in a manufacturing operation or research and development operation. Sales to a person engaged in testing for a manufacturer or processor for hire of machinery and equipment used directly in a testing operation. Sales of or charges made for labor and services rendered in respect to installing, repairing, cleaning, altering, or improving the qualifying machinery and equipment or charges for repair parts for qualifying machinery and equipment if the parts have a useful life of at least one year. Download Certificate.


High Unemployment County Sales and Use Tax Deferral for Manufacturing Facilities grants a deferral of sales/use tax on purchases of qualifying machinery, equipment and construction of qualified buildings to approved businesses engaged in any of the activities: manufacturing, research and development laboratories, commercial testing facilities, vegetable seed conditioning. You must file the application for this incentive before you take possession of machinery and equipment and before a building permit is issued for new construction. Download Program Overview. Download Application.


Remittance of State Sales Tax for Warehouses, Distribution Centers, & Grain Elevators allows your business an exemption from the states portion of the retail sales tax (6.5%) on 100% of the eligible construction costs of qualified warehouses, distribution centers, and grain elevators. Qualifying activities are construction or expansion of warehouse or distribution center by at least 200,000 square feet and/or construction or expansion of a grain elevator by at least one million bushel storage capacity. The incentive also provides your business a 50% exemption from the state’s portion of the retail sales or use tax on purchases and installation of material-handling and racking equipment. Download Program Overview.

Washington State has no corporate, unitary, or personal income tax; no tax on intangibles; and no capital gains tax.

Rural County B&O Tax Credit for New Employees in Manufacturing and Research and Development provides a $2,000 credit against the businesses B&O Tax for each new qualified employment position with annual wages and benefits of $40,000 or less; or a credit of $4,000 for each new employment position with wages and benefits of more than $40,000 annually. To qualify new employment/positions must increase by 15%. The application must be filed within 90 days of filling the first qualified position. Download Program Overview. Download Application.

B&O Tax Exemption for Manufacturers of Fresh Fruit & Vegetables waives the tax on wholesale of fruits or vegetables when sold to purchasers who transport the goods out of this state. Download Program Overview.

Reduced B&O Tax Rates are provided for the following activities: manufacturing of timber or wood products; commercial aerospace manufacturing; slaughtering, breaking and processing perishable meat; prescription drug warehousing; and more.

Job Skills Training Program provides funding for customized, short term and job specific training for businesses. Awards cover 50% of the cost of training for employees and the business provides a cash or in-kind match to fund the other half. Training can be for new employees or existing employees. Download Program Overview.

South Central Workforce Development Council can subsidize on-the-job or customized training for your business.

Community Economic Revitalization Board awards grants and loans to finance public infrastructure that your business needs including; access roads, rail lines, sewer and water extension, or other public works.

Supporting Investments in Economic Development awards grants and loans to finance public infrastructure that your business needs including; access roads, rail lines, sewer and water extension, or other public works.

Your permits and licenses can generally be approved within 30-60 days from the time you submit completed applications. Yakima County and all of the local municipalities are committed to removing any road blocks from your business development project.

Tax-exempt Industrial Revenue Bonds can be issued on behalf of your business development project. These bonds can subsequently be sold at lower interest rates and may greatly reduce your projects cost. Expenses that are eligible include: property acquisition, machinery and equipment, design, consulting, legal, and accounting services, and financing costs.

Have Questions? We Have Answers

For more information on which incentives your businesses qualifies for please contact Jean Brown at 509-575-1140.