Choose Yakima Valley 2019-2023 Investment Campaign

Yakima County Development Association officially launched our new Choose Yakima Valley 2019-2023 Investment Campaign on Tuesday, July 17, 2018. The new 5-year campaign aims to raise over $3 million for local business development, which is anticipated to bring 2,500 jobs to the area and nearly $93 Million in new earnings and payroll annually. Click here to view our Investment Campaign Brochure.

The YCDA was created as a public/private partnership for all of Yakima County, to improve the economy and livability of the community by helping existing businesses in expansion, attracting new business and industry, thereby creating better opportunities and jobs. The economic impact of YCDA has been significant, facilitating $490 million in investments in Yakima County businesses and creating 5,500 new jobs.

Choose Yakima Valley Capital Investment Campaign

Dear Prospective Investor,

What will the Yakima Valley be like in 5, 10, even 20 years? Who determines which path to follow? You do! Involved business and community leaders like you ultimately will shape the Yakima Valley’s Future. Choose Yakima Valley economic development campaign is a bold initiative in economic and community development for the Yakima Valley. This exciting private/public partnership is being built and launched on a solid foundation of teamwork among key leaders in business, municipal and county government, higher education, and pro-business organizations.

Choose Yakima Valley’s purpose is to stimulate economic prosperity for all by generating jobs and capital investment in this Valley. To achieve this purpose, Yakima County Development Association has embarked upon an aggressive five-year program of work currently budgeted at $3 million. The goals and projected economic impacts of this effort are contained within the enclosed brochure.

Now we are asking you, and other business and community leaders, to join us in our efforts by helping in three ways:

FIRST: Be informed about the Choose Yakima Valley initiative and the benefits of its strategic economic development initiatives.

SECOND: Accept a call from our team to discuss the program and your contributions to this vital economic development initiative to enhance the Yakima Valley’s economy.

THIRD: Support this critically important project as your time and resources permit. Becoming an investor lets everyone know that you and your firm are committed to enhancing the economy of the Yakima Valley and mutual prosperity. You will be recognized publicly for your contribution.

We enthusiastically urge you to join us in making certain the Yakima Valley’s economic future is bright and not left to chance. With optimism for the future and warm personal regards,


Jonathan Smith, CEcD

Executive Director, Yakima County Development Association

Expand and Retain Existing Industries

Recruit New Industry

Strengthen the Business Environment to Improve Quality of Place

Encourage Small Business Growth

Enhance Investor Relations and Communications

“Yakima Chief – Hopunion is proud to have been part of the economic development and growth in the Yakima Valley for many years.  The region’s abundant natural resources, a dedicated and skilled workforce, and overall relatively modest cost base make the Yakima Valley an ideal place to expand or grow business.  The Yakima County Development Association is a great resource for firms seeking guidance and information on potentially establishing operations in the region and we strongly support their initiatives.”

-Mike Goettl, CEO

YCH Hops


A healthy community must have a strong economic engine so community members can obtain what they need, and have sufficient resources to reinvest back into their community. YCDA helps bring business investments, employment and economic opportunities to our community, allowing our people to thrive and reinvest. We believe the YCDA’s efforts exponentially make for a healthier community of inspiring people and that’s why we choose to invest in them.”

-Russ Myers, President/CEO

Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital


“Our Valley is blessed with plentiful natural advantages: climate, soil, geography, water. We can only fully achieve the benefits of this special place with a thriving business community that works in tandem with our local institutions to thoughtfully pursue growth. We invest in YCDA because it is the organization that strengthens the economic engine of our valley which we believe will improve the quality of life of residents for generations to come.”

-Sean Gilbert, General Manager

Gilbert Orchards


“The Enterprise Challenge Business Plan competition was a great program that really prepared our team to launch Varietal Beer Co. Even though we didn’t win, we learned so much during the process that helped us to get started. I encourage anyone who is serious about starting a business to meet with the team at Yakima County Development Association and join the Enterprise Challenge.”


-Chris Baum, Brewer/Co-Owner

Varietal Beer Company



“We invest in YCDA for many reasons.  Besides recruiting new businesses, they have been instrumental in retaining existing businesses with workforce training and infrastructure funding.  This has benefited our company and many subcontractors and suppliers serving our valley.  We encourage others to invest in the future of our valley too.”

-Charlie Eglin, Partner

Tri-Ply Construction


“Our family’s investment in YCDA has been one of GREAT returns for 32 straight years.  Job retention, expansion, and recruitment is where we begin and end each and every day at YCDA and this wonderful effort has been and will continue to be only possible with all of us investing together to ensure the amazing results and benefits.  Join our efforts and benefit yourself by investing in YCDA!”

-Bob Hall, YCDA

Board Member Emeritus


“The Yakima County Development Association (YCDA) is Yakima County’s primary economic engine. YCDA combines private and public-sector interests into winning formulas to strengthen our respective existing and future economic interests. Yakima County continues to partner and entrust to YCDA our economic resources. Investing in YCDA is a smart investment. “

-Commissioners Anderson, Leita & Elliott

Yakima County


“At Allan Bros. Fruit, we’ve built our company, our people and our values upon the deep agricultural roots of the land in this valley. We’re fortunate to have access to a bounty of resources, coupled with the most highly sought-after talent in the industry. YCDA is the gateway to these resources that have enabled the Yakima Valley to thrive economically, with an entrepreneurial spirit, and focus on retention of our most valuable assets, our people. We are proud to partner with YCDA, an organization invested in the growth, success and development of this valley.”

-Miles Kohl, CEO

Allan Brothers, Inc.


“We are fortunate to live and work in the beautiful Yakima Valley. Our company invests in YCDA because their organization is a catalyst for helping promote business in our region. Their focus on helping local business grow and expand, recruiting new business to our valley and leadership in workforce development leads our valley to a great economic future and quality of life.”

-David Rankin – President

Rankin Equipment Co./Northstar Attachments LLC


“With three Astria Health hospitals and over 38 Astria Health Center outpatient locations conveniently established throughout the Valley, we are proud to be an engine for growth to Yakima County. Our goal is to ensure world-class primary and specialty care is provided close to where people live and work here in the Region.  The Yakima County Development Association (YCDA) provides both timely and strategic information, along with important insights.  The YCDA has been instrumental in helping to grow the local economy.”

-John M. Gallagher, President & CEO

Astria Health System


“Yakima County Development Association is one of the main reasons why we located our new farm in Sunnyside. We were searching across the region for a location to expand our operations and they introduced us to a variety of sites in Yakima County. Once we had decided on the Port of Sunnyside location YCDA continued its assistance by connecting us with the City of Sunnyside, local utility companies, and all of the other partners we needed to work with to make this project happen. We are excited to be a new member of the Sunnyside community and Yakima Valley’s strong agriculture economy.”

-David Knudsen,President & CEO

Ostrom Mushroom Farms