Key industries and top employers in Yakima County, Washington

Key Industries

Yakima County’s assets are particularly well suited for key industries like food processing, warehouse/distribution, industrial machinery and supplies, aerospace, backoffice and health care industries.

Regional Cluster Top Assets Top Companies

Logistics and Distribution

  • Efficient market access
  • Extensive transportation infrastructure
  • No inventory tax
Ace Hardware
Horizon Distribution
R.E. Powell
Quality Transportation

Food Processing

  • 12th largest agriculture production area in the nation
  • 39 commodities plus established suppliers/support services
  • U.S. and International market access
Seneca Foods
Tree Top
AB Foods/Washington Beef

Industrial Machinery and Supplies
  • Innovative packaging and sorting machine manufacturers
  • Various industrial suppliers (metals, plastics, etc.)
  • Low cost electric power
Shields – Novolex
Irwin Research and Development
Kwik Lok
Marq Packaging
Sims Manufacturing

Business and Professional Services

  • Available high energy workforce
  • Available sites and buildings
  • Extensive telecom infrastructure
Med Assets
Wilkinson Corporation

Health and Medical Industry
  • New medical university
  • Award winning hospitals and specialized treatment centers
  • Center of Excellence for healthcare training
Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences
Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic
Four regional hospitals

  • Highly skilled workforce
  • Two technical schools
  • Proximity to international aerospace cluster
Triumph Actuation Systems