Our Priorities Are:

Expand and retain existing industries
Recruit new industry
Strengthen the business environment to improve quality of place
Encourage small business growth
Enhance investor relations and communications

YCDA's 2019 Annual Report

YCDA’s Annual Report (PDF)


Since the Beginning

Over Our 30 Year History

Yakima County Development Association has served over 100 businesses annually, created 5,750 new jobs at over 150 businesses, and facilitated $490 million in investments in Yakima County businesses. Click here to see our 2019-2023 Campaign Initiatives.

Since 1999 the SIED program (Supporting Investment in Economic Development) has funded over $46.8 million in local infrastructure. The companies and industries supported by SIED invested over $350 million in private capital investment and created over 2,000 jobs. In 2018 SIED funded infrastructure improvements totaling $1,503,372, supporting $31M in private capital investment and creating a projected 77 jobs and $6.5 million in annual payroll. SIED funding is the result of 1997 state legislation to help remedy distress in rural areas. The program is administered by YCDA

Since its inception Yakima County Development Association has generated $64 of local economic activity for every dollar invested in the association.

Our results stem from team efforts and YCDA cannot take full credit for these business development success stories. Our hats are off to the companies who have invested in the Yakima Valley and added to local payrolls. We also appreciate the support of our investors and partners. We win when we work together.