Choose Bottom-Line Value

By choosing the Yakima Valley you gain a competitive advantage that includes productive employees and lower business costs:

  • Access highly skilled and trainable workers – Unionization rates and employee turnover are lower than average
  • Tap into a talent pipeline of nearly 20,000 students enrolled in the area’s five regional colleges and universities
  • Benefit from an attractive tax structure with no corporate or personal income tax

Enjoy the relatively low cost of living, amazing outdoor amenities and reputation for friendliness.

Choose a Highly Accessible Central Location

You will be centrally located with excellent transportation options for getting supplies and finished product and in and out of the region.

Your employees will appreciate the short commute times while still being able to visit bigger cities like Seattle and Portland and return home the same day.

Your logistics team will find it’s an easy two hour drive to Seattle and only three hours to Spokane allowing them to access all the major northwest population centers within one shift. They will utilize a network of  transportation systems including an uncongested four-lane interstate freeway system, a Burlington Northern Santa Fe rail line, and regional airport.

Choose Timely, Flexible, Customized Solutions

Your business will be welcomed by a flexible and efficient team that is dedicated to helping you succeed. These proven, time-tested partnerships have helped companies like CubCrafters, Alexandria Molding, Darigold, and Adventurer RV to flourish and grow.

Your people will  find it easy to get rooted in our communities.  An Ambassador network ensures that you get the help you need whether its selecting a school for your kids, deciding which National Forest to spend the weekend in, or determining the route for a local wine tour.